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Love Ventures - Marcus Love

Love Ventures was founded in 2020 by two brothers, Marcus and Adrian Love. Following their respective careers in growth investing and property scale ups, Marcus and Adrian began their investing journey together as angels in 2015, backing the likes of Chip, Crowdcube and Revolut in their early days. Now operating under the Love Ventures brand, with an ambitious and experienced team around them, they are determined to keep the angel ethos running through how we operate today: fast-moving, high conviction, deeply collaborative.

Love Ventures have successfully raised three EIS funds to date, having fully deployed for two of these already. The offering is now an Evergreen offering which seeks to close twice a year and aims to deploy capital within a 12-month period.

The Love Ventures investment team comprises founders Marcus Love and Adrian Love as well as Bill Corfield and Alice Knibbs. The Love Ventures team are further supported by two highly experienced senior advisers; Andrew Hynard and Carolyn Maddox. In addition, there is a stringent investment committee which includes; Jules Pancholi, Rob Hamilton, John Lunn and Kelly Ducourty. The Love Ventures Distribution team is made up of Distribution Director Faye Williams and Head of Investors Kit Blakiston Houston. 07792 744351

Octopus Investments - Jessica Franks

Octopus is synonymous with small company investing and is the UK’s largest specialist manager of tax efficient investments., managing more than £9bn on behalf of both retail and institutional investors. Our experience spans more than 20 years and, in that time, we have invested over £2 billion in early-stage companies.

Each portfolio in the Octopus Ventures EIS Service will have around 10-15 companies selected for their ambitious growth targets and potential to become a household name of the future.  Investors will have access to the expertise of Octopus Ventures, the team that manages Octopus Titan VCT – the UK’s largest VCT. Our previous track record for identifying, growing and exiting some of Britain’s brightest companies includes investments in Graze, Secret Escapes, Zoopla and, to name but a few. Our pipeline of opportunities spans very early stage (seed) through to Series A and Series B investments.

We have aligned our fees with the interests of our investors.  Our annual management charge is only payable if a company is sold for more than the amount invested into it. 020 7710 2874

Haatch Ventures LLP - Fred Soneya

Haatch Ventures is made up of a team of hands-on value creators. They have been there. Built scaled companies of their own and sold them. They use that knowledge, experience and network to accelerate the growth of their portfolio businesses via a “Smart Money” approach, providing support to enable digital transformation. They back the pioneers of the digital revolution, one early stage start up at a time.

Over the last seven years the team has been investing, supporting and managing their own private and EIS fund portfolio of digital companies, hand selected through a world class deal pipeline and the current portfolio has average ROI of 5.60x based on the latest third party fund raising round for each company. The target return on exit is 10x. 01780 408487

Built Ventures - Jessica Baker

Built Ventures believes they owe it to both entrepreneurs and investors to create an environment that will enhance their experience and chance of success. This belief led the team to the unique space of venture building, and this same belief led to the launch of the Nova Cofoundery SEIS & EIS Fund for external investors.

Built Ventures is a multi award winning firm. Investors have the opportunity to benefit from Built Ventures and their venture building partner, The Venture Studio. Collectively the management teams at Built Ventures and The Venture Studio have been supporting and building successful startups with ambitious founders since 2008. Since 2018, Built Ventures has worked with 40+ companies, across multiple sectors including HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, PropTech, SportTech and RetailTech 01513 174250
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