Nova Growth Capital Ltd - Alistair Marsden

At Nova, we believe things can be done differently. Our approach affords the investor access to tech enabled, growth-focused businesses at the earliest stage of a company life  cycle (SEIS), all whilst aiming to reduce the risk associated with investing in startups. We do this by aiming to reduce the 5 most common startup mistakes. Our truly proprietary deal flow is provided by our cofoundry business, helping founders solve real problems felt by sizeable markets. Our cofoundry then employs over 100 people to consult, build  and grow our portfolio companies, applying our investors capital into an operating model rather than a more traditional fund model. The result; our portfolio value has grown in excess of 80% year on year for 10 years.

• Target returns of £2.18 in the £1 based on targeted  20% year on year portfolio growth
• Returns of £5.70 in the £1 if portfolio growth continues at 83%
• A minimum return of 58p in the £1 in the unlikely event that every company in the cohort fails
• A 0.2% chance of every company in the cohort failing

Our  senior  team are  a balanced  mix between seasoned  investors, start-up practitioners  and successful entrepreneurs. Investments are deploy quarterly into a target of 10 companies each quarter through a mixture of SEIS and follow on EIS investment, further reducing risk by  giving a diversified spread of circa 30 high growth, tech enabled companies per year. 07776 796166

24Haymarket Ltd - Paul Tselentis

24Haymarket are a private capital firm focused on disruptive early stage venture and growth equity investments in the UK.  Since inception in 2012, we have invested more than £74 million in 50 companies holding an average of 18% equity ownership.

We follow a strict investment thesis with a focus on verticals – Digital Healthcare, Ed Tech, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software, Supply Chain and Logistics Technology, Fin Tech, Insure Tech and Legal Services Tech – in the nascent stages of high growth where we can leverage proprietary insight from our Investor Network.  We adhere to an active investment philosophy with a right to a board seat in each investment we pursue combined with an involved post-investment model.

Headquartered in London, with a regional office in Edinburgh, we are distinguished by the calibre and engagement of the 24Haymarket Investor Network.  Our Investor Network includes 100+ senior business leaders combining 3,000+ years of business experience with Director-level experience in companies worth a collective £700 billion. 020 3865 8200

Committed Capital Ltd - Glen Stewart

Committed Capital Ltd is an investment and corporate advisory business founded in 2001 on the basis that investee companies need support as well as cash to realise their plans.

The team has a proven track record of working with UK based, post revenue, growth stage technology companies to create value for shareholders through careful investment selection, rigorous investment due diligence, efficient transaction execution and providing investee companies with ongoing hands-on support.

The Committed Capital Growth EIS Fund is an evergreen fund providing investors with a diversified portfolio of 8-12 EIS qualifying investee companies, with a target return in line with our track record of 2-3 x ROI (excluding tax relief). 020 7529 1365

Praetura Ventures Ltd - Jonathan Prescott

Praetura Ventures is an FCA Authorised Firm having completed its first Venture Capital transaction in 2011, the acquisition and listing of Inspired Energy plc in November of that year. Since, we have grown steadily and have made a further 24 investments on behalf of investors having invested over £100m into high growth tech or IP enabled small businesses.

We’ve built a highly experienced and reputable team within Praetura Ventures who bring with them over 250 year of sector experience having raised and transacted over £8bn within the UK.

Headquartered in the North West, the Praetura team have built an enviable network across the region generating strong deal flow and opportunities. The investment strategy has been developed and refined over the previous 8 years and we’ve built a reputation for being able to identify and back high performing, entrepreneurial teams who demonstrate they can execute their plan. As important is our ability to add “more than money”. We look for ways we can add significant value through our team’s skillset, network and experience. Deciding whether we can add value and help shape a company’s growth is critical when we decide where to invest. 0161 6419475

Vala Capital Ltd - James Faulkner

Vala is an investment advisory business led by a team that sources quality investment opportunities from a network that has been established over 30 years across multiple sectors and industries.

The investment team at Vala has conceptualised, built, delivered and exited businesses all their life and has a proven track record of success. They build long-lasting relationships with the businesses they hand-pick to mentor, support, and help realise their full potential.

The Vala EIS which closes quarterly provides the opportunity to co-invest with Vala into a diversified portfolio of 6-10 companies that can deploy money quickly and are often already trading. The fee structure is simple with no annual charges.

At the heart of Vala is a focus on taking a clear, fair and no-nonsense approach to early-stage investments. 0203 951 0590
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