Octopus Investments - Jessica Franks

https://octopusinvestments.com 020 7710 2874

SuperSeed - James Sore

INVEST ALONGSIDE EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEURS backing ambitious founders, from Seed through Series A. In the US over 60% of VCs are entrepreneurs, in the UK it’s only 8%. SuperSeed Ventures is built by entrepreneurs with 8 exits already, who know first-hand what it takes to build and exit a successful business in SaaS & AI.

• Validate market demand before investment, often actually selling their products before investing
• Invest early, while valuations are still attractive, we avoid overpaying for revenues at Series-A
• Targets >3x return over a 5-7 year investment period (>20% annual return)

If you are interested in finding out more about the fund, our portfolio or are considering investing, please visit www.superseed.com

https://www.superseed.com 020 3405 3060

Haatch Ventures LLP - Fred Soneya

Haatch Ventures is made up of a team of hands-on value creators. They have been there. Built scaled companies of their own and sold them. They use that knowledge, experience and network to accelerate the growth of their portfolio businesses via a “Smart Money” approach, providing support to enable digital transformation. They back the pioneers of the digital revolution, one early stage start up at a time.

Over the last seven years the team has been investing, supporting and managing their own private and EIS fund portfolio of digital companies, hand selected through a world class deal pipeline and the current portfolio has average ROI of 5.60x based on the latest third party fund raising round for each company. The target return on exit is 10x.

https://haatch.com 01780 408487

Taurus Asset Finance - Martin Taylor

ARIE Capital began investing in technology companies in 2016, following on from two early technology investments that its parent company, Taurus Asset Finance, made in 2013.

Since then, our company has made fifteen technology-based investments. We are proud of our vibrant and diverse portfolio that continues to increase exponentially in valuation, with two exits already made.

Following these principles, we have now assembled a dedicated team to focus on the development of EIS opportunities and cultivate exciting new technologies.

We are partnering with companies and founders that are well known to ARIE Capital and have already shown considerable growth and development. We look to nurture these companies so that they will be ready for further funding in the future (from ourselves or other investors), which will be to the benefit of all concerned.

https://www.taurusassetfinance.com 020 7087 3570

Zero Carbon Capital - Pippa Gawley

The Zero Carbon Fund is a new EIS fund investing in early-stage companies on a mission to address climate change through scientific innovation. We’re looking for the most ambitious teams with knowledge-intensive ideas that could scale to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half a gigaton per year at scale. These may be improvements to existing technologies that will accelerate their adoption, or new concepts to tackle emissions in areas where we do not yet have viable net zero solutions.

Zero Carbon Capital (FRN 916588) is the exclusive advisor to the fund, and is an appointed representative of Sapphire Capital Partners LLP (FRN 565716) who are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

http://www.zerocarbon.capital 07980921030
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