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Founder + Lightning - Matt Jonns

Founder + Lightning is a pioneering Venture Studio and Fund, that invests in Founders to build and grow their businesses.

We invest in B2B companies that have the potential to use tech to radically increase their value. We use our decade-long skillset and resources to help them realise that potential, by co-building technology solutions.

Our headquarters are in London, but we have teams in India, Poland and all across the world. We are proud of our 130+ team, 6 investments and 30 portfolio companies that have a combined value of £150m+, multiple of which are now at Series A.

Too many tech companies in the UK fail, and frustratingly it’s often for the same reasons over and over. If we’re to live in the kind of society we all want to live in, we need more founders to succeed– that is what drives the Founder + Lightning model.

Green Angel Ventures - Nick Lyth

Green Angel Ventures is responsible for pioneering early stage investment in the fight against climate change.  It founded the first angel syndicate specialising in climate change investments (all eligible for EIS) and has gone on to create the first EIS Climate Change Fund.  Its success is leading to venture fund management.  The specialist sectors are, in particular, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Water, Waste & Recycling, Construction & Buildings, Road Transport and Natural Resources.  A portfolio of 41 investee companies without a single failure is a result of the depth of specialist knowledge. Syndicate Membership now stands at 340 investors, of whom many are and have been notable in climate change related sectors.  The EIS Fund is supported by an additional £10 million from the Government’s Regional Angels Programme.  The EIS Fund is currently open for investment.  The Fund’s mandate is to invest in every deal completed by the Syndicate, thus benefiting from the Syndicate’s deal selection, due diligence and deal management.  Green Angel Ventures welcomes all those interested in both EIS and Climate Change, the combination of which means your investments will make your money work twice – for the planet and for your profit. 07802150053

SIS Ventures - Arran Dewar

SIS Ventures is an impact investment firm based in Edinburgh. Authorised by FCA and following best impact practice, as Scotland’s first signatories to the Operating Principles for Impact Management.  The fund ensures impact considerations are integrated throughout the investment lifecycle and align commercial growth and impact potential.

It invests in innovative purpose-led businesses that are focussed on social and environmental impact across United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Sector agnostic but typically the portfolio invests in IP-rich companies across life sciences, climate tech, circular economy and agri-biotech.

Investment opportunities are eligible for tax reliefs under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) or Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). 0131 376 5653

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