EISA is a highly effective not for profit organisation which exists to aid the provision of capital to UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

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“GrowthInvest have been members of EISA for several years and strongly recommend that anyone within the industry should become members. They act as a great focal point for the wider marketplace whether platforms, fund managers advisers or investors, and their interaction with government is crucial for the EIS industry. We have found that their technical seminars, webinars, and regular networking events have been valuable to the team and the company in a number of ways.”
Daniel Rodwell, Chief Executive, GrowthInvest

“At SeedLegals we do a good fraction of all SEIS/EIS applications in the UK, so it’s vital we’re both up to speed on any upcoming rules changes with HMRC, as well as being given the opportunity to provide feedback on behalf of the thousands of UK startups each year who depend on those tax initiatives to grow our business. EISA is our channel for doing that, and it provides a great way to connect and network with investors and funds. An essential resource for anyone professionally involved in this space.”
Anthony Rose, Founder & CEO, SeedLegals

“EISA are undoubtedly the main forum for bringing the industry together. It is a forum for learning, keeping up to date, sharing and networking. It is the heartbeat of an industry that is critical in helping young companies with great ideas to obtain both funding and other support, to hugely increase their chances of success.”
Martin Fox, Managing Director, Bulletin Marketing 

“The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association plays an indispensable role in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth in the UK economy. As a vital source of support and guidance for investors and businesses alike, we deeply appreciate and rely on EISA’s unwavering dedication to building a prosperous future for all.”
Anonymous Member 

“I would encourage anyone that is not already an EISA member, to join. The networking, and the tax and technical updates at the Spring and Autumn Conferences are invaluable, and you are contributing to the fantastic efforts made by EISA in representing the whole ecosystem with HMRC and HMT to ensure the ongoing support of the EIS legislation, to ensure SME’s are supported for generations to come.”
Anonymous Member

“As members of EISA we are glad to be working alongside our fellow members to promote the benefits of the EIS to the industry, policy-makers and businesses. As members we’ve benefited from the EISA’s technical seminars and have enjoyed the networking opportunities offered through the year.”
Henry Whorwood, Head of Research and Consultancy, Beauhurst

“The Enterprise Investment Scheme is the envy of the world and one of the key drivers for economic growth in the UK. It is imperative that the UK Government continues to back the Scheme in order to continue to create skilled jobs, support innovation and grow the companies of the future. EISA’s work in ensuring a positive environment for patient capital in the UK has never been more important, for entrepreneurs and investors alike.”
Andrew Aldridge, Partner, Head of Marketing, Deepbridge Capital

“The EISA fights tirelessly to ensure that the SEIS and EIS provisions are understood, remain relevant and benefit as many UK businesses as possible. They keep their members informed of any technical changes in a timely manner and also lobby Government to make sure that any changes are appropriate and realistic. Being a member of the EISA simply makes me a better adviser in this area.”
Emma Brown, Partner, Wilson Wright LLP

“The EIS Association provides a vital platform for industry participants to understand current trends in the market, regulatory updates and ongoing discussions with Government and Government bodies. For smaller organisations, such as ourselves, the value of the EIS Association in updating industry knowledge and interacting with the wider community represents an exceedingly useful single point of contact, with the team always at hand to offer swift advice and insight. Importantly, it reiterates the focus around EIS, being the nurturing of early stage UK companies and job creation in high skilled sectors.”
Rajeev Saxena, Founder & Managing Director, Velocity Capital Advisors Limited

“Being members of EISA has been beneficial for Fuel Ventures. They provide invaluable updates and a robust network of peers to collaborate with. The industry insights we receive help us stay ahead of trends and make informed decisions.”
Fuel Ventures

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We hold many events throughout the year, from regular networking opportunities to regional events, technical seminars, the EISA Awards and more!

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