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HMRC Key Statistics, May 2024

Enterprise Investment Scheme

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

EISA’s overview on the 2024 HMRC data

Christiana Stewart-Lockhart, Director General of Enterprise Investment Scheme Association, gives her insight into the figures:

“The 2022/23 data, whilst lower than the 2021/22 record breaking numbers, is now returning to pre-pandemic levels.

We’ve seen a drop in the number of people investing through the EIS from record levels of 44,810 in 2021/22 to 40,485 in 2022/23. However, this number still shows growth from the 39,035 who invested through the EIS in 2020/21.

EISA is committed to increasing the number of start ups benefitting from EIS and SEIS across the whole of the UK. The data is showing significant growth in the number of businesses using EIS in the North East and Northern Ireland.

The East of England has bucked the trend and seen an increase in EIS investment compared to 21-22, likely influenced by the Cambridge science and technology hubs, as has Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland stands out in particular with a 11% growth in the number of businesses using EIS with an 57% increase in the amount of investment raised.”

You can read the full report from HMRC here.

Annual HMRC statistics on EIS/SEIS

Each year, we, the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association, provide an overview of the key information that comes from HMRC’s data release.

You can explore these below…

HMRC Key Statistics
HMRC Key Statistics 2022
HMRC Key Statistics 2021
HMRC Key Statistics 2020

Market Insights on EIS and SEIS

These dynamically updated pages will give you insights into the wider market from an EIS/SEIS perspective.

EIS/SEIS Market Snapshot
EIS/SEIS Market Snapshot
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