o2h Ventures Ltd - Sunil Shah

o2h Ventures was co-founded by Sunil and Prashant Shah in the year 2018. o2h group operates from their proprietary 2.7 acre The Mill SciTech Park where they are developing a unique model for incubating small life science companies.

The o2h team are leaders in the biotech community and have been actively involved as investors, holding various board/industry positions as well as being engaged in grassroots scientific activity for over 20 years.

o2h Ventures nurtures and invests in emerging life science and tech companies and has launched the first EIS fund in the UK solely focused on backing early stage biotech and related AI companies. The fund is structured to be S/EIS compliant providing generous income, Inheritance and capital gains tax breaks for UK taxpayers. For more details, please see –  www.o2hventures.com

https://o2h.com 020 3870 2598

Triple Point Investment Management LLP - Ian McLennan

Triple Point is an independent investment management partnership founded in 2004 with expertise in asset and project finance, private equity, portfolio management and structuring.
In addition to seeking risk adjusted returns for investors, a strong emphasis is placed on liquidity. Funds are typically raised from private investors and may be held in a number of tax advantaged vehicles including Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and investments qualifying under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Many also qualify for Inheritance Tax Business Property Relief.
All of Triple Point’s investment products engage our track record in sourcing, executing and exiting investments for clients. Our strong reputation in this field ensures a productive pipeline of attractive opportunities.

http://www.triplepoint.co.uk 020 7201 8989

Velocity - Raj Saxena

Founded in 2015, Velocity looks to invest in high capital appreciation digital distribution business providing value beyond the provision of capital. For the businesses that the fund looks to invest in, there is a point in time when marketing becomes their largest expense. Getting it right can be transformational for these businesses, whilst getting it wrong can be a very costly mistake. Through the significant experience of the founders of Velocity, support in and around marketing provides a cornerstone of value-add provided to investee companies, although it is by no means limited to this. Each potential fund investment goes through a rigorous six-stage selection process, which includes an assessment of market need, given that there being insufficient market need for a particular product or service is, according to CBInsights, the second most common reason why businesses fail. Velocity has a multidisciplinary team with a balance between those with entrepreneurial experience (having started, scaled and exited businesses) and professional experience including fund management, accountancy and law. Our view is that the breadth of team experience enables us to provide holistic support to the businesses we invest in, providing them with an unfair advantage and thereby a greater likelihood of success.


http://velocity-capital.com 0203 7277 603

Stellar Asset Management Ltd - Jonathan Gain

http://www.stellar-am.com 020 3195 3500

Symvan Capital - Kealan Doyle

Symvan Capital is a multi-award winning technology venture capital fund manager with an established record of growth-oriented investing. We manage SEIS and EIS funds with two open for investment.

We invest in scaleable and disruptive businesses — companies that seek to impact and change established models and in particular, that have developed the technology to take costs out of business processes.

We look for companies with unique propositions and the potential to deliver ten times your investment within reasonable time frames.

Our focus is to find founders with strong teams who have the vision, drive and flexibility to deliver results.

We don’t just fund them: we mentor and support through to exit. Our investments are supported by Symvan’s investment directors who have more than fifty years combined experience in tech investment banking (ECM, corporate finance, M&A and AIM listing work).

Investee companies can also count on the technical expertise of our world-class advisory team in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

We pride ourselves on our selection process which involves a six-stage due diligence process; and also for our “Lifecycle Approach” where our SEIS funds are the incubators from which the best performing companies can then progress to receive further funding from our EIS fund.

And finally, our fee structure is one of the simplest and most transparent in an industry not known for it: the only fee we charge investors is a 20% performance fee on successful exits.

http://symvancapital.com 020 3011 5095
CALL US: +44 20 8132 6199
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