Supporting, engaging and empowering UK investors and small businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. That’s why we believe the role of the Enterprise Investment Scheme in facilitating investment from private individuals to small businesses is so important – and why EISA and its members are dedicated to supporting UK Government, businesses and investors in ensuring the Scheme continues to deliver growth to the economy.

EISA Mission Statement

EISA supports and promotes policies and initiatives that facilitate the smooth flow of risk equity capital from private individuals to smaller companies thereby benefitting the UK economy. This is achieved through;

EISA Committees

EISA is run by a Board of Directors and organises a series of high level Committees comprising a board member and experts in the relevant field.

EISA membership represents all areas of the EIS/SEIS industry including EIS/SEIS Fund Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Advisers, Corporate Financiers, Financial Planners and Wealth Managers, throughout the UK. Details of the Members and categories of Membership are shown in the Membership section. If you would be interested in learning more about EISA and becoming a member, please contact Mary Rodgers – 

Women in Finance Charter

When EISA signed up to the Charter in 2018 we had 50% female representation. As of 1st February 2022 we have 100% female representation in senior management. We believe we met our Charter target by our deadline.

As a small organisation with currently only two employees maintaining a minimum of 50% female representation is a priority but also depends on employee requirements. Clearly with only 2 employees any member of staff leaving or joining has a major impact on our representation figures. Thankfully, staff turnover is low so we are able to maintain a minimum of 50% female representation now and most certainly in the future.

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