The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) has appointed Andrew Aldridge (Deepbridge Capital), Dr Paul Mattick (Mercia Asset Management) and Paul Munn (Par Equity) to its Board of Directors to support the continued success of the EIS and SEIS in facilitating private investment into fast growth, innovative start-ups in the UK. These new appointments also reinforce the important work the Association is doing to support levelling up and raising awareness of the schemes outside of London and the South East of England.

The EISA is the official trade body for the Enterprise Investment Scheme representing members from across the EIS ecosystem including entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors. The EISA is a highly effective not-for-profit organisation whose core aim is the help Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) obtain the funding they need to grow their business, drive innovation and fuel economic growth.

Andrew Aldridge is a Partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at Deepbridge Capital, a Chester based EIS Fund Manager. With over a decade of financial services experience, since graduating from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Aldridge is a growth specialist, with over two decades of experience helping companies develop their brand reputation, deliver financial results and develop communications strategies, within heavily regulated environments.

On his appointment, Andrew Aldridge said, “The work of our trade body has never been more important, as we seek clarity from the UK Government regarding their promise to continue to back the Enterprise Investment Scheme as a key economic driver; encouraging the flow of capital into growth focused companies. I am honoured to be joining the Board of EISA. I look forward to representing our industry and promoting EIS as the undoubted success story that it is.”

Dr Paul Mattick heads the Sales and Investor Relations team for the Mercia Asset Management, a large West Midlands based Fund Manager. He is a director of the fund management business which offers both EIS and VCTs, and works with private clients and advisers to build the fund raising capacity of Mercia. Paul has a variety of experience in early-stage businesses, including being a founder and a mentor, and formerly worked at another leading EIS fund manager. Paul has a PhD and Post-Doctorate from the University of Oxford and a 1st Class Bachelor of Science from the University of Leeds.

Dr Paul Mattick commented; “After being in the EIS industry for almost exactly a decade, primarily on the distribution side, I will provide a diverse viewpoint on the EISA board. I am especially passionate about the role of EIS in growing regional SMEs, enabling companies to reach their full potential wherever they are in the UK.”

Paul Munn is a co-Founder and Managing Partner of Par Equity, a boutique investment firm based in Edinburgh that has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Enterprise Investment Scheme since its inception in 2008. A Chartered Management Accountant he has extensive experience of corporate management, turnarounds, business development and active shareowner engagement. In addition to his responsibilities as Managing Partner, Paul is focused on portfolio management with an emphasis on value enhancement and realisation.

Commenting on his appointment, Paul Munn added; “I am delighted to join the EISA board and help support the development of our industry.  The benefits of the Enterprise Investment Scheme for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisers are significant and are an important tool in generating jobs and growth in the wider economy.”

Welcoming Andrew Aldridge, Dr Paul Mattick and Paul Munn to the Board, Lord Flight, Chair of the EISA stated; “Andrew, Paul and Paul bring a wealth of experience to our Board and their shared focus on supporting entrepreneurs outside of London and the South East is an important priority for the EISA. The EIS and SEIS have accounted for £27 billion of private sector investment in more than 52,000 of the country’s brightest businesses since their inception and is seen as a major factor in the UK’s unbounded entrepreneurial drive. Both the Government and the Opposition have reinforced their support for the schemes in recent months and I look forward to our new Board members playing an important role in fostering innovation, job creation and economic growth through the SEIS and EIS.”

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