Mark Brownridge, Director General here at EISA, has conducted multiple separate interviews with leading industry experts to discuss key topics affecting UK investment, the Enterprise Investment Scheme, and business growth more broadly.

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Emma Cleveland is the managing director and founder of Cleveland & Co, a market leading, innovative legal advisory and training firm that specialises in financial services, investment management and commercial contracts.

In this video Emma breaks down the Enterprise Investment Scheme, or EIS, explaining what is is and how it works.

Graeme Price is the CEO at Jarrovian Group. Jarrovian help clients plan and achieve their desired lifestyle. Once secured, they help maintain and protect their lifestyle through life’s trials and tribulations. Graeme has a broad spectrum of knowledge within the financial services sector across a variety of roles.

In this video Graeme discusses how to grow a business, notably within the context of today’s uncertainty due to Covid-19.

Fred Soneya is the Co-Founder of Haatch, an early stage investment business backing fantastic entrepreneurs who build disruptive, game changing startups.

This video is all about investing — with Fred shedding light on the successful approach developed by the team at Haatch.

Tom Montague is the Commercial New Business Executive at Aston Lark, an industry leading independent insurance broker with over 35 offices across the UK & Ireland.

In this video Tom provides the guidance you need when looking for your own policies, and addresses some of the common misconceptions about insurance.

Nigel Holmes is the Head of R&D Technical Operations at Catax Group.

Catax help uncover the hidden value in your business or commercial property through Capital Allowances, Research & Development, Remediation of Contaminated Land and the Patent Box tax reliefs. Catax have identified a total of £264m in tax benefit for their clients to date.

In this video Nigel talks about his role at Catax in greater detail.

Eloise Morgan is the Business Development Director at Protean Risk Limited (part of the Aston Lark group).

Eloise has over 15 years’ experience offering insurance solutions to firms operating in the financial services sector.

She has previously been named by Angel News as one of their ’15 Heroines of the UK Angel Market’ for her work with the Angel Investment Community and was also named as ‘Best Insurance Developer – UK 2016’ by the Wealth & Finance Women in Wealth awards.

In this video Eloise talks about her role at Protean Risk and the insurance industry in greater detail.

Andrew Holloway is the Head of Entrepreneurial Taxes at Johnston Carmichael Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

Andrew leads Johnston Carmichael’s Entrepreneurial Taxes team across Scotland — primarily based between Edinburgh/Glasgow as well as the wider Johnston Carmichael office network.

Andrew’s key focuses are around EMI and other employee incentive schemes, SEIS/EIS investment and other corporate projects including R&D, transaction advisory and wider business solutions/support.

In this video Andrew shares his expert knowledge on entrepreneurship & EIS.

Meet Eve Tomlinson, founder of Thrive in the Hive.

Eve is a communications and content expert with a background in TV. After starting her career on Channel 4’s ground-breaking Big Breakfast, Eve has worked across all broadcasters, with award-winning production companies and entertainment talent ranging from Graham Norton to Chris Evans and Mel and Sue.

Eve has a track record in developing new presenters into nationally recognised talent and it was while working with these broadcasters that she started investigating what exactly makes a world-class communicator.

She asked what makes you listen to some people and not others, how valuable is the likability factor and why are so many brilliant people terrible at saying what they mean?

Eve then worked with psychologists, HR specialists and business leaders to develop a methodology that blends neuroscience, leading business research and proven entertainment production values to create a unique three-step programme.

Eve has transformed the communication skills of those on the first step of the ladder to intensive 360s with CEOs. Her workshops have revolutionised the skills of those who felt they would never be confident communicators and she has developed bespoke training programmes to meet multiple communication issues.

Jennifer Wall is a Company Commercial Solicitor at Gannons Solicitors.

Having worked at both large and small firms previously, Jennifer is used to dealing with a wide variety of company and commercial matters and queries at both ends of the spectrum; from early stage start-ups to mature high street name companies, including (but of course not limited to):

Peter Ibbetson is a Director and Founder at JournoLink.

JournoLink is an interactive platform enabling you to manage your own PR and send out your business stories to journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

Peter has extensive proven experience in media management, particularly in crisis situations — having spent thirty years in the finance sector, working for firms such as RBS and NatWest. Peter is also a recognised champion of the small and medium enterprise sector.

In this video Peter discusses how to handle the press, and liaise with journalists, during a crisis.

Many thanks to Emma, Graeme, Fred, Tom, Nigel, Eloise, Andrew, Eve and Jennifer for taking the time to share their valuable knowledge — we hope you found the discussions as engaging and informative as we did!

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