At EISA, we are constantly striving to give members old and new access to new and exciting benefits – below are just some of the benefits you will receive access to at discounted rates by becoming an EISA member.


Pitches and presentations are important chances to influence clients and lead colleagues but most of us don’t maximise these opportunities when we are asked to speak up. Long-winded pitches, slide heavy presentations and nervous delivery are just some of the factors that get in the way.  Thrive in the Hive’s workshops and one-to-one sessions transform skills in pitching, formal presentation, and everyday communication skills.

Training is based on founder Eve Tomlinson’s expertise developing on-screen talent and associate trainer Claire Tingsager’s experience creating learning and development solutions for some of the world’s best-known brands. The courses use proven TV techniques used by world-class broadcasters and producers mixed with the latest business science and psychology to kick-start an understanding of how to communicate and present at the highest level.

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We recently met with the team at and I wanted to share our experience of them with you. It’s founded by a strong management team who we have known for many years in the start-up EIS industry and they have a very exciting story!

pirkx is the benefits and savings package available for every UK worker. The team at pirkx include business owners who couldn’t find a suitable package for their contract workers, so they built the answer. There are c. 10m people in the SME sector without access to any employee benefits and an estimated 5m people in the self-employed space that can now access a health & wellbeing package at low cost. pirkx can be used for your contract workers, the self-employed, and employees.

pirkx is designed to motivate and retain workers and offer great benefits at a great price.

At EISA, we joined and invited our team.

 We liked pirkx because it has a strong focus on Health and Wellbeing, it includes a GP helpline that’s available 24 hours a day 7 days a week that enables our team and their families to access professional medical advice whenever they need it and without queuing at a walk in centre or surgery;

 There are health and wellbeing advice pages, discounted gym membership at most major gyms, online gym classes, free eye test and access to discounted medical and life insurance;

 The site has a number of discounts and cashback at major retailers including all the major high street brands, supermarkets, cinemas, UK theme parks; we are told there are a staggering 2,500 discounts on the site and can testify that there are a number with cashbacks of up to 30% for pretty much everything a person would generally buy;

 There are major holiday operators and holiday booking websites on the site again offering discounts and cashback deals that you wouldn’t receive by going direct to those companies; and

 There is a free monthly lottery which each member can enter to win up to £3,000.

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EISA launches a new PR Platform for EISA Members

We regularly hear from members that the opportunity to engage with the media would be extremely valuable in promoting the businesses in which investments have been made, but, at the same time, that material PR agency budgets are simply not available.

To address this, EISA has launched a dedicated online PR platform as part of the EISA Membership. This will enable members to distribute press releases to relevant media, as well as respond to requests from journalists for business case studies and spokespeople. Additionally it includes a weekly calendar of upcoming key news events and award programmes which may be relevant to invested businesses and be hooks for media comments. A further feature is the ability easily to create Media Rooms on invested businesses’ websites to enhance their external profiles and improve their SEO. The underlying platform is managed by JournoLink for the EISA, and links to over 10,000 journalists, but also has the ability to target specific sector and geographic media lists.

The platform will be free to use for members as part of the EISA Membership, and just requires simple enrolment which JournoLink manage. We have negotiated attractive terms too for any members who might want to make the platform available to their invested businesses too. Join EISA to find out more.

Professional Cloud Publishing – Your own branded Guides to EIS and more!

Opportunity to create your own, branded, Guide to EIS and more, including the following:

– A user friendly guide on EIS & SEIS – designed to be client facing.
– Expert Content – Produced by Professional Cloud Publishing in association with the EIS Association – EISA.
– Personalise the Front and back cover with your business details and your brand.
– The opportunity to also personalise the inside front cover and inside back cover.
– A simple Order and Personalisation process.
– Available as either a PDF or as a PDF with Printed copies.
– Excellent value – Only available to EISA members
– A valuable tool to help you use EIS and SEIS with your clients.

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