Longbow is a specialist venture capital investor in the unquoted life sciences sector, established in 2004. The Partners have combined experience of investing in over 30 unquoted companies as well as in managing and building their own businesses prior to joining Longbow.  Longbow specialises in supporting SME companies with investment to drive their expansion and growth in value.

For investors, we identify investment opportunities which we believe, at the outset, possess the qualities required for considerable and sustainable growth. In almost all cases the investments we have made have provided our clients with tax relief via EIS and BPR.  The realisation of our clients’ investments will flow from the success of the companies in our portfolio through a variety of different outcomes: via private tender offers, MBOs, trade sales, and IPOs and sometimes a combination of these.

For entrepreneurs and small companies, our team, with its blend of, industrial experience, corporate finance and wealth management skills, is uniquely positioned to offer a service to the small company and the entrepreneur.  We undertake to nurture the companies we invest in, to help them build their financial resources, management strength and commercial skills they will require to thrive.