Reigniting the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem:

EISA report into the impact of Covid-19 on accessing finance for young, small & innovative companies.

Download the full report HERE , our 2 page Executive summary HERE and sign our petition below:

This new report by EISA recommends ways to fill the £768M seed stage and £1.45BN venture stage equity gap to reignite the future economy. Action is required now to close the UK’s early stage equity gap by committing to, evolving and expanding the existing EIS and SEIS schemes.

The report, Reigniting the UK’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, emphasises that closing the identified funding gaps will provide opportunities for boosting the UK’s post pandemic economic recovery, generating job growth and boosting regional economies, productivity and innovation.

The report lays out four simple, actionable and practical recommendations to address the funding gaps and market failure created pre pandemic but exacerbated as a result of it. If you support our findings and recommendations, please sign our petition below:


  1. An increase in the SEIS lifetime allowance from the current £150,000 to £250,000
  2. Replace the “age restriction” on eligible recipients of State Aid with a different threshold
  3. Ministerial assurances that every effort will be made to ensure the continuation of the EIS and SEIS schemes, particularly beyond the current sunset clause of 2025
  4. Further investigation into how money held in pension funds can be used to fund EIS and SEIS qualifying companies


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