Day Two – Fees and Exits

How to access more of one and less of the other! This webinar focuses on two of the most hotly debated areas of EIS and SEIS investing for financial planners. The panellists will discuss how they work towards an exit event for investors, the steps they take and the work they undertake with investee companies. Attention will also turn to how they charge for their services, what fees actually pay for within a fund and what steps they take to keep their proposition as lean as possible.

Chris SandfieldCoInvestor
Paul Mattick, PhD, OLYMercia Asset Management PLC
Andrew NoblePar Equity
Zoe ChambersOctopus Ventures
Martin Crawley-Boevey DipPFSPK Group

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Arie Capital, CoInvestor, Haatch Ventures, Mercia Asset Management, Octopus Ventures, Par Equity, Sapphire Capital Partners, Triplepoint, Vala Capital