Hambro Perks - Nick Sharp

Hambro Perks is an established venture firm focussing on private technology investing – supporting diverse and experienced founders with vision and purpose, game changing innovative companies with global ambition, whilst giving hands on support as they grow and scale. Established as an organisation of experienced business angel investors, entrepreneurs, and investment professionals, we are proud to have built a team with many decades of venture capital experience. The commitment to alignment of interest with our investors and portfolio is paramount.

The Hambro Perks Growth EIS Fund creates diversified portfolios of fast-growth, early-stage, technology-enabled businesses that have the potential to reshape existing industries and create new markets. There are four verticals – Fintech (including Insurtech), Digital Healthcare, Enterprise Software (SaaS), and Consumer Technologies. Some examples include Primary Bid, Peppy Health, and HUMN Ai. The objective is to invest for significant capital gains in a selection of highly filtered, diligently assessed, disruptive companies, in carefully constructed portfolios blending sectors and stages. Often alongside our institutional fund. We believe that the best strategy in venture to produce excellent returns is to invest early and keep backing the winners. Each portfolio will contain new companies and follow-on investments in the emerging winners previously supported.

http://www.hambroperks.com 020 8634 7127

Ingenious Media Investments Limited - Simon Palmer

Ingenious is an investment manager, providing investment opportunities to individuals, family offices and institutions across three unique and diversified sectors: media, infrastructure and real estate. Since our inception in 1998, clients have trusted us with over £9bn which we have deployed across our range of carefully designed investment strategies, including over £1bn in EIS qualifying companies.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find the hidden angle, identifying innovative investment opportunities within those sectors which are uncorrelated to the stock market, have reliable cash flows and are complementary to our investors’ portfolios. Sector knowledge is at the core of our investment philosophy and our investment teams are comprised of specialists with experience operating and managing businesses within these sectors, in turn mitigating risk and maximising returns for our investors. Our investment teams operate within a robust professional infrastructure with expertise spanning across accountancy, tax, law and compliance.

We build strategic partnerships with our investors and their advisers, working together to understand individual financial objectives and consistently providing compelling solutions which meet these as they evolve.

http://theingeniousgroup.co.uk 0207 319 4251

IQ Capital Partners - Ryan Stevens

https://iqcapital.vc 01223 345 616

Jenson Funding Partners - Sarah Barber

When the government announced the SEIS initiative in 2012, Jenson Funding Partners LLP (JFP), was founded by the team behind Jenson Solutions Limited, Paul Jenkinson and Sarah Barber. As an appointed representative of Foresight Group, JFP launched the Jenson Seed EIS Fund to provide start-ups with the level of financial and operational support normally only available to much larger businesses.

Raising £5.5 million in the first fund iteration, JFP has closed 4 funds and now manages more than £14 million, which has been invested in just under 100 companies.

In 2015 JFP, recognising that the SEIS investee company portfolio was maturing, started raising funds under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to provide follow on funding to its more successful companies. To date the EIS, combined with the syndicated investors, has invested over £5 million, and raised over £5 million of debt facilities.

We now have a combined evergreen SEIS and EIS Fund open for investment. The Fund aims to target exciting new innovative and disruptive technologies to be nurtured alongside existing investment opportunities that require follow on investment to fully exploit commercialisation of a proven business model.

http://www.jensonfundingpartners.com 020 7788 7539

Longbow Capital LLP - Ron Petersen

Longbow is a specialist venture capital investor in the unquoted life sciences sector, established in 2004. The Partners have combined experience of investing in over 30 unquoted companies as well as in managing and building their own businesses prior to joining Longbow.  Longbow specialises in supporting SME companies with investment to drive their expansion and growth in value.

For investors, we identify investment opportunities which we believe, at the outset, possess the qualities required for considerable and sustainable growth. In almost all cases the investments we have made have provided our clients with tax relief via EIS and BPR.  The realisation of our clients’ investments will flow from the success of the companies in our portfolio through a variety of different outcomes: via private tender offers, MBOs, trade sales, and IPOs and sometimes a combination of these.

For entrepreneurs and small companies, our team, with its blend of, industrial experience, corporate finance and wealth management skills, is uniquely positioned to offer a service to the small company and the entrepreneur.  We undertake to nurture the companies we invest in, to help them build their financial resources, management strength and commercial skills they will require to thrive.


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