More wealth managers, regulated advisers and financial planners are getting involved in venture capital and tax advantaged investing than ever before – so we have introduced the Financial Planning Membership.

We want to encourage wealth managers, regulated advisers and financial planners to join us as part of the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association and play a more active role in this increasingly mainstream area of financial planning. 

Who is the Financial Planning Membership for?

Why is this membership free?

We want the EIS Association to be a reflection of the ecosystem, and so we want to encourage these groups of financial planners to join.

This means we can more accurately reflect their interests when assessing and lobbying for the ecosystem’s use of the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

What are the benefits of becoming an EISA member?

Once you are a part of our association as a Financial Planning Member, not only are you part of a community, you will be able to benefit from a wide range of benefits. Discover the perks of EISA membership outlined below…

Networking opportunities

We help you stay connected.

Being part of the EIS Association gives you access to many networking opportunities, whether that be through your visibility on our website, or personal invitations to ecosystem events.

Access to live events, seminars and more

We have a full calendar of events, which you can explore here.

Our events, which are held across the UK, are focussed on increasing education, awareness and incorporating EIS/SEIS into the financial planning recommendation process.

Being part of the ecosystem’s collective voice

EISA achieves a dialogue and influence over the policymakers that advisers alone cannot. 

We provide a platform for all advisory firms to get their voice heard by policymakers and stakeholders governing the EIS/SEIS advice market.

Visibility for your organisation

Members are listed in the EISA Directory.

This list makes you visible to clients and other professionals in the industry, and demonstrates your connection with our association.

Personal regulatory updates

Have your finger on the pulse with updates that affect you.

Our team will send important updates on legislation and policy changes straight to your inbox from our committees.

Access to resources and research

Find a wealth of information, analysis and insight across the EIS/SEIS sector.

Members can explore and read our guides, webinars, checklists and planning ideas for financial planners to educate you about advising in this area.

Enjoy significant savings

We have many partners who offer generous discounts for EISA members.

Find discounts on services and products that are relevant for you. You will also receive invites to relevant events that our partners are holding.

How do you become a member via the Financial Planning Member?

If you would be interested in becoming an EISA member through the programme, or have any questions about it, just get in touch with the team here.