Kinhub (formerly Kami) is an AI-powered employee wellness platform “Alexa for employee
wellness.” Kinhub uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enhance
employee wellbeing and productivity by supporting key life topics including mental health,
family planning and parenting, support for carers, menopause and financial wellbeing. The
platform provides convenient, personalised, and data-driven support to employees, making it
easier for them to be present at home and productive at work. Kinhub’s mission is to ensure
mental health and productivity solutions are accessible and affordable to all.

Kinhub’s commitment to accessibility and affordability is further demonstrated through its
partnership with Parents 1st UK, where for every three parents paid for by their employer,
Kinhub is made available free of charge to a low-income family. The company’s
patent-pending NLP-based sentiment/emotion detection models for real-time determinations
of mental health disorders using multi-tier machine learning models is novel and applicable
to a variety of markets including the broader healthcare and employee engagement markets