BigSis (registered as Zyzzle Ltd) - Glen Slade

BigSis is building a broad portfolio of chemical-free insect control solutions that are more effective and more enduring than chemical insecticides. These solutions are based on the sterile insect technique (SIT): sterile males of the pest are released to mate with wild females and so control the population. BigSis’ proprietary automated insect rearing system makes SIT 90% cheaper per hectare; this provides a platform to address dozens of commercially important insect pests worldwide and to substitute the majority of the $17bn chemical insecticide market. BigSis SIT is so safe and so benign that there is little or no regulatory requirement in many jurisdictions. BigSis first solution, launched in the UK in 2023 and delivered as a season-long service, targets the huge unmet need to control the invasive SWD (spotted wing drosophila) fruit fly which can devastate high-value soft fruit crops. BigSis has raised over £6.5 million to date in EIS-eligible rounds and aims to raise a Series B funding round of £7 million in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Bodii Technologies Ltd - Chris Fernandes

Bodii is an early stage health tech company that uses technology to help physiotherapy patients recover from injuries in an insightful, engaging and empowering manner. We are focused on complementing the recovery journey by allowing patients to use the Bodii Flex, a range of motion wearable to measure their marginal gains at home. There are extremely high barriers for patients in the industry presently with wait times averaging close to two months and the highly unsustainable cost of private care at approximately £40-60 per 30min session.

We have raised an early round of funding via a venture studio deal together with Nova Growth Capital that has allowed us to go from idea to MVP during the second half of 2022 while continuously validating our value proposition within the industry. We have raised an early round of SEIS/EIS funding and are looking to continue raising EIS funding from Q2 2023. 07773 333611

Bookado Ltd - Nathan Powrie

BuildPartner Technology Ltd - Hugo Sells

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