Bure Valley Group Ltd - Antony Wade

Bure Valley Group is the private investor network and EIS platform that allows you to follow the lead of experienced investors into early-stage companies. All our opportunities are funded to a minimum of 30% before they appear on the platform, meaning an investment has serious backing before you commit. We understand EIS is an exciting concept, but we also understand the importance of putting the investors’ interests and compliance at the core of the activity. Extensive due diligence is carried out by the team; valuations and entrepreneurs are questioned in depth; and opportunities scrutinised before we seek firm commitments to fund a significant proportion of a target fund-raise, by our existing investor network. Once these commitments are in place, our platform allows every-day investors to invest directly into these pre-vetted, early-stage companies and SMEs. Shadow Founder’s ability to call on an established network of business angels and other professional investors, including family offices, venture capital and other authorised financial institutions, to commit to an opportunity before it is presented on the platform, provides comfort for investors.

https://burevalleygroup.com 020 8144 0092

Business Funding Show - Arina Osiyannaya

The Business Funding Club is the premier network connecting entrepreneurs, funders, and service providers. Our aim is to close the funding knowledge gap by educating entrepreneurs about their finance options and arming them with the tools to secure the capital they need to grow. BFC members gain access to exclusive events, showcase opportunities at our workshops, consultations, and FundingMatches.com. Our annual flagship event, the Business Funding Show, is the only exhibition in the UK and EU dedicated exclusively to business finance.

To view memberships, go to bizfundingclub.com/memberships

The Business Funding Show began in 2016 as the only exhibition in the UK and EU dedicated exclusively to business finance. Since then, we have evolved intoa series of events, including workshops, conferences and the annual Show.
Each event revolves around the goal of closing the funding knowledge gap for entrepreneurs by bringing forth notable industry leaders to both educate entrepreneurs and connect with them.

To view our calendar of events, please see bizfundingclub.com/events

http://www.bizfundingclub.com 020 7841 1067

CoInvestor - Chris Sandfield

We are providing fund managers and financial advisers with fully integrated software to digitise and enhance the management of tax-efficient investments, which in turn is enabling sophisticated investors to access premium opportunities, streamlined investment processes and best in class reporting.

Historically alternative assets have been more opaque than other asset classes, but this is changing with new regulations. The digitisation of alternative asset investing has brought about greater transparency, the ability to have clear audit trails, and creates an ability to access all comparative data in one place, which serves to improve best execution for the end investor.


Crowdcube - Darren Westlake

https://www.crowdcube.com/ 01392 241 319

Goji Investments - David Genn

Goji platform provides investment managers with the core regulatory and operational capabilities to serve investors at scale thereby allowing managers to focus on growing their business. We serve over 30 managers with more than 20,000 investors and over £400mil assets under administration.

We automate all aspects of investor onboarding, KYC, payments, custody of client money and assets thereby ensuring an efficient and reliable service. Backed by a dedicated operations team, all customer workflows and interactions are supported by specialist staff.

Our technology driven capabilities can be integrated with existing systems via our API which allows managers to build an investment platform that meets their investor’s needs.

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