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The Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) is a primary and secondary market for equity and debt securities with a regulatory environment designed to meet the needs of small-cap issuers wishing to go public or to access growth capital.

AQSE provides access to companies from a wide range of countries and sectors, with access to a diverse set of investors (incl. EIS funds), and a supportive advisory community, who understand the needs of entrepreneurial businesses.

With more than 100 issuers quoted on the exchange, AQSE has helped companies raise over £120m to help fund their growth. Such companies include winemaker Chapel Down, Britain’s oldest brewer Shepherd Neame, blockchain investment vehicle KR1… which have all enjoyed a successful public life since their flotation on Aquis.

Thanks to AQSE’s regulatory status as a recognised stock exchange, securities admitted to the AQSE Growth market are eligible for the full range of qualifying company tax reliefs, including EIS and reliefs from capital gains and inheritance tax.

Furthermore, AQSE has put a number of measures in place to protect its market, reduce spreads, boost liquidity and ensure that retail investors are treated equally to institutions.

AQSE is committed to putting the public back into public markets and becoming the home of growth companies. 020 3597 6389

Bure Valley Group Ltd - Antony Wade

Bure Valley Group is the private investor network and EIS platform that allows you to follow the lead of experienced investors into early-stage companies. All our opportunities are funded to a minimum of 30% before they appear on the platform, meaning an investment has serious backing before you commit. We understand EIS is an exciting concept, but we also understand the importance of putting the investors’ interests and compliance at the core of the activity. Extensive due diligence is carried out by the team; valuations and entrepreneurs are questioned in depth; and opportunities scrutinised before we seek firm commitments to fund a significant proportion of a target fund-raise, by our existing investor network. Once these commitments are in place, our platform allows every-day investors to invest directly into these pre-vetted, early-stage companies and SMEs. Shadow Founder’s ability to call on an established network of business angels and other professional investors, including family offices, venture capital and other authorised financial institutions, to commit to an opportunity before it is presented on the platform, provides comfort for investors. 020 8144 0092

Crowdcube - Darren Westlake 01392 241 319

FounderCatalyst - Sam Simpson 07866726060

JP Jenkins Ltd - Veronika Oswald

Founded in 1991, JP Jenkins is the UK’s oldest platform for private companies. We help companies engage with existing shareholders and prospective investors to manage their private share holding. We open the door to investors to access opportunities and help early stage investors realise a return on their paper wealth. Our mission is to provide an efficient process of matching willing buyers and sellers of unlisted company shares. The JPJ platform allows unquoted companies to potentially create shareholder liquidity and long-term engagement with existing and prospective investors. JPJ was a founding member of AIM and OFEX, now AQUIS (AQSE) exchange. We have previously had companies such as NCP, Arsenal, Weetabix, Adnams and many more. 020 7469 0937
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