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Rohit Bhatnagar

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Josephine Liang

  • Finalist Best EIS Tax Advisor at the 2022 EISA Awards;
  • Best EIS Tax Advisor at the 2021 EISA Awards;
  • Highly Commended 2016-2019 EISA Awards inclusive.

The Chiene + Tait team is genuinely passionate about helping high-growth companies and their investors. We have a 100% track record with HMRC in the last year, including reversing many EIS disqualifications inherited from other advisors.

Our service has evolved to grow the EIS market, encompassing tax, structuring, accounting, software, grant audits and financing. Our legal partner tax service provides the EIS advice for companies in the legal market, our outreach pro-bono services to female angels promotes greater investor diversity, our social media channels advocate the EIS scheme to a wide audience spectrum.

The C+T Entrepreneurial Tax Team, established 10 years ago, has grown to be the largest we know of in the UK. As the only EIS-focussed team based outside of the Golden Triangle, have built a unique reputation in the EIS space advising dozens of companies/ investors across the whole of the UK and foreign companies looking to invest in UK companies. These factors resulted in a 45% growth in our services in 2021/ 2022. With offices in Edinburgh, London, Inverness and Glasgow, we not only work with partner firms in the UK, but also from across the globe offering a truly international service for ambitious, like-minded clients.

Circularr Ltd is a blockchain development company focused on the incubation and development of crypto assets backed by recycled sustainable commodities. The first asset will be backed by plastic recycling and the value of rPET plastic called Circular Plastic Coin or “$CIRP”. The $CIRP asset revolves around the development and launch of a decentralised recycling ecosystem to streamline interactions between consumers, organisations, recyclers, and brands by adding full transparency to the recycling process.  This will help to decrease pollution levels, eliminate green washing and drive consumer behavioural change by commoditising plastic waste. Our ambition is to help individuals and organisations treat plastic waste as a commodity instead.

CoInvestor Technologies are a leading technology provider delivering specialist, cloud-based solutions to digitise the investment process and management of tax-efficient investments.

Our investment platform connects financial advisers, fund managers and sophisticated investors together in one place, while offering a single solution to invest manage and monitor EIS, VCT and other tax-efficient products, all in one place.

Our proprietary, cloud-based platform is free to register and allows:

  • Market Access: Single point of access to view and filter total market offerings with real-time fund updates from managers.
  • Allocate entirely online: End-to-end digital application forms for all listed tax-efficient opportunities.
  • Client storage: Add, store and track your clients’ details and investment documents.
  • Remain compliant and secure: In addition to being an FCA regulated provider, our platform enables you to remain compliant with changing regulations such as GDPR bringing you greater transparency and clear audit trails.
  • Scalable: Our solution is designed to grow with your business with a range of add-on modules available to enhance your existing account from back-office integrations through to custom branding and product panel controls.


Committed Capital Ltd is an investment and corporate advisory business founded in 2001 on the basis that investee companies need support as well as cash to realise their plans.

The team has a proven track record of working with UK based, post revenue, growth stage technology companies to create value for shareholders through careful investment selection, rigorous investment due diligence, efficient transaction execution and providing investee companies with ongoing hands-on support.

The Committed Capital Growth EIS Fund is an evergreen fund providing investors with a diversified portfolio of 8-12 EIS qualifying investee companies, with a target return in line with our track record of 2-3 x ROI (excluding tax relief).

Serge Milbank

Advisers are all alike, right? Well no, they’re not.

At Cooper Parry we fly in the face of convention. If others zig, we zag. If they go down the straight and narrow, we scan far and wide.

We look to ‘Disrupt, Lead and Make Life Count’. This is how we see the world, and it’s why we’ve been hailed ‘the rebels of accountancy’. We build relationships with our clients that break the mould. And we’re never afraid to give our opinion. Why? Because that’s how we’ll help you to flourish financially, and free up your time to get the most out of life.

Our award-winning team is alive with vibrant, inquisitive and engaged people. It means that we attract the most talented people to work on our clients’ businesses.

That’s why we’re smashing in London, the Midlands, and Bristol. The vision is reality.

Deepbridge is a different kind of investment manager.  We work closely with financial advisers and investors to design innovative products, ranging from investment in technology growth companies to asset-backed renewable energy projects. We also partner with innovative and committed management teams to help UK based companies realise their potential and become successful leading-edge businesses. Deepbridge operates across four principle divisions: disruptive technology, sustainable technologies, life sciences and renewable energy.

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