Vala is an investment advisory business founded by a team of serial, multi-exited entrepreneurs that over a 30+ year period has invested in more than 70 companies and generated an aggregate track record of 3.5x with an average hold period of 4.5 years.

Vala’s mission is to back, build and embolden start-ups that can have an impact in their markets and on society, supporting them on their sustainability journey at the same time.  It believes that companies that focus on operating and trading more sustainably will be more robust and valuable that those that don’t.

Vala aims to put capital to work where it’s needed most: mentoring founders, optimising products, creating go-to market strategies, and bringing together outstanding teams. A key part of the philosophy is the desire for the portfolio companies to become more sustainable, no matter what their sector.

Vala has two principle EIS strategies, focussed on venture building and impact, building diversified portfolios of 8-12 companies. It targets a fund-level return of 2.5x (excluding the tax benefits), over a 6-8 year period.