Live Better With

Live Better With is an e-commerce healthcare platform which collects and curates recommended products that help ease the symptoms and treatment side effects from cancer and other long term conditions.

Around 50,000 people are being diagnosed with cancer every day. Treatment often causes significant side effects – and while there are hundreds of products to help relieve these symptoms, knowing what they are and where to find them is difficult.

Founder Tamara Rajah has first-hand experience of this both through the experiences of family members, and having spent 10 years working with patients and hospitals, and it inspired her to found Live Better With. to help improve life for those people living with cancer and has become an essential platform for those diagnosed with long-term health conditions

It now boasts a growing community of over four million patients and carers, and is partnered with Marie Curie and Guy’s Hospital, providing an excellent platform for future growth.

A series of successful funding rounds have allowed Live Better With to adopt new revenue streams and reach new customers, including the launch of the company’s first physical shop selling items for cancer sufferers at Guy’s Hospital. In early 2018, the company branched out into its second long-term condition, launching Live Better With Menopause.


Hackajob provides an online, automated recruitment platform for software engineers that leverages software to source, screen and hire candidates. Hackajob is a highly specialized marketplace – with candidates searching for jobs on one side and recruiters hunting for talent on the other.

The business was founded in October 2014 by Razvan Creanga and Mark Chaffey, who met while studying at Kings College London. Creanga and Chaffey Hackajob saw that traditional software engineer recruitment was expensive and time consuming, and felt they could improve it.

Their solution was Hackajob – a tool which enables job-seeking engineers to complete online technical challenges, and allows clients such as Argos, Bloomsbury AI and Capital One to see their results and hire them.

The company has been grown significantly, using initial fundraising to double their headcount and launch in more cities across the UK. Downing Ventures’ first investment in Hackajob enabled the founders to grow the team and onboard dedicated members of staff working on business development, marketing, product development and customer support. It has also allowed the business to conduct data-driven experiments to fine tune the internal operations, commercial model and marketing strategy.

The company turned profitable in 2017, putting it in a strong position to raise a series A funding round this year to expand into Western Europe and the US.

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird Technologies is an AI business which merges imagery analytics from drone and satellite technology with proprietary algorithms to provide farmers with precise maps of their crops at critical decision-making junctures in the season.

Thanks to Hummingbird’s advanced machine learning, farmers are able to use their tool t predict yield, detect diseases and analyse farmland health. This can lead to significant P&L enhancements through efficient farming.

The ever-increasing demand for agricultural production to meet the needs of the world’s growing population means that agri-tech businesses like Hummingbird Technologies will see huge opportunities for growth.

Hummingbird Technologies completed a significant fundraising round in April 2018, with investors including the European Space Agency and Sir James Dyson, which will allow the company to continue their expansion across the UK and internationally, moving into key markets such as Russia, Ukraine and Brazil.

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