What is it?

A producer of healthy, all natural soft drinks, with no refined sugar (the Nix) and a touch of chilli (the Kix) to give the flavour some grown-up OOMPH!

About Nix & Kix

Launched in 2014 by the two founders, Kerstin Robinson and Julia Kessler, from a small shop in Shoreditch, supplying local markets. Nix & Kix now employ 8 people and have a head office in Euston, with production based in Wales and three Nix & Kix flavours sold in shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets throughout the UK and Europe. And in Selfridge’s!

Kerstin Robinsion, CO-FOUNDER & CEO

What has the growth trajectory been like?

Kerstin Robinson, who founded Nix & Kix with business partner Julia Kessler, says that the pace at which the company has grown has been surprisingly fast. “In late 2014, we were creating and testing recipes in our home kitchens and selling drinks at markets and from a little shop in Shoreditch. Less than three years and two funding rounds later, we are distributing across the UK and Europe, in shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets. Selfridge’s actually just began to stock us, which is incredible. And we’re getting some celebrity endorsements these days too – Rufus Hound, the comedian, recently Tweeted about us. So that’s fun! This is all pretty amazing, given that it doesn’t seem long ago that we were going into local pubs and bars in Shoreditch with samples, trying to persuade them to give us a try. In terms of the size of the business itself, at the start, it was just Julia and I; now there are eight of us and we’ve moved from that tiny shop to premises in Euston, and production has transferred from our homes to a factory which is producing thousands of bottles and cans of Nix & Kix drinks every day. And from a financial point of view, we’re now doubling our revenues every month, give or take, which is pleasing for us and our investors!”.

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